Choosing a Taxi in Budapest

As with most cities, getting around via taxi is often unavoidable. In this section, we’ll go over some of your best options when choosing a taxi as your transport method.

One of the safest options you can use when you require a taxi is to use the cell phone app ‘Bolt’ which you can download on the AppleStore here, or in the Google Play Store here. This app sends a verified driver directly to your location and allows you to pay via credit card so no cash is exchanged.

Another great English-speaking option is City Taxi. They are a reliable taxi company and generally come in a timely manner. You can reach a friendly dispatcher at 2 111 111.

Don’t forget, Anna is always available to call a taxi directly to the apartment for you as well.

If you must flag a taxi down for any reason, here are a few things you should pay attention to before getting into a vehicle.

  • Do: Look for a yellow taxi with permanent roof sign.
  • Do: Phone a taxi (or use app) whenever possible.
  • Do: Stick with a taxi that has a logo.
  • Do: Check that rates are clearly marked on side of vehicle.
  • Don’t: Get in an unmarked car.
  • Don’t: Ask taxis for recommendations (they may receive commissions for taking you to certain locations with higher price points).
  • Avoid: Taxis with the word ‘Freelance.’

Exercising these precautions can remove the risk of major or minor taxi related inconveniences during your stay in Budapest. Staying prepared is the best way to ensure you’ll have the most rewarding experience in any city.