Safety Precautions in Budapest

Useful numbers to know throughout Budapest.

Police: 107

English-language hot line (specifically set up for tourists): +36 438 8080

Ambulance: 104 or +36 311 166

Loss of passport should be reported to: Immigration and Citizenship Budapest and Pest County (round-the-clock): +36 463 9165 or +36 463 9181

As with any tourist destination, bag-snatching and pick-pocketing are something to be on the lookout for in Budapest. Practicing common sense while in high-volume areas or tourist locations will ensure you have a safe holiday with no unwanted complications.

Exercise caution everywhere, however, especially in areas such as the following:

  • Busy train stations
  • Public markets
  • Public transport (primarily in crowds or on escalators)
  • Any place frequented by tourists (i.e. Matthias Church, Fishermen’s Bastion, Parliament, Danube promenade, Váci Street, the zoo).

Although scams and fraud are not frequent, Anna recommends following these simple steps to avoid being hassled.

  • Never ask a taxi driver to recommend a bar or restaurant. (Anna will be more than happy to do so).
  • Always check menu prices for food and drinks before ordering and ensure the bill matches menu prices. Service charges are between 10 and 14 % and are included on the bill.
  • Avoid travelling alone on overnight trains when possible.
  • Only use marked taxis. Yellow taxis with a fixed roof sign are your best bet.

Keep in mind that Budapest is safer than many big city tourist areas in Europe. However, following the above steps can prevent bad experiences or unpleasant events so you can fully enjoy your holiday in Budapest or tourist area.