Weather in Budapest: Temperatures Throughout the Year

Due to Hungary’s placement in the temperate zone, you’ll experience one of four distinct seasons depending on when you choose to arrive. No matter the season, Budapest has a plethora of options available to do for tourists.

Hungary is also affected by oceanic, continental, and Mediterranean climatic zones making weather slightly unpredictable.

Use this helpful guide to determine what season you’d like to enjoy this magical city.

Spring: March through May

Average Temperature: 20-25 Celsius (68-77 Fahrenheit)

Characteristics: From March until the first half of April can be slightly unpredictable and often windy. After the second half of April and into May, the temperature gets warmer and warmer.

Pro: Great for walking and sightseeing

Con: Temperatures can drop during evenings

Summer: June through August

Average Temperature: 30 Celsius and up (86 Fahrenheit)

Characteristics: Longer days with sporadic showers throughout. Warm temperatures throughout the days, especially in July and August.

Pro: Ideal for walking in the evening and longer days mean more sightseeing options. Plenty of summer events and festivals.

Con: Summer is high season so you may be fighting crowds.


Autumn/ Fall: September through November

Average Temperature: Gradual drop throughout. November can get below 0 Celsius (32 Fahrenheit)

Characteristics: Warm temperatures without scorching. Can be cloudy towards the end of fall and include haze in mornings or at dusk.

Pro: Perfect for walking and photos with bright foliage.

Con: Days are shorter and often grey.


Winter: December through February

Average Temperature: January is often the coldest month. Between -5 to 0 Celsius (23-32 Fahrenheit)

Characteristics: Short days with gray skies and colder temperatures. Occasional snow that lasts only 2-3 days.

Pro: Less tourists means fewer crowds. Plenty of indoor activities to occupy time. Roam cold streets and take a dip in the warm steam baths.

Con: Not ideal for photo ops. Festivals and outdoor activities are often reserved for warmer months.

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