Getting to Your Apartment in Budapest

Getting to the apartment is actually quite easy, no matter the route you decide to take. The Liszt Ferenc International Airport is only 16km from the city center and 18.5km to your new apartment while you’re in Budapest.

Below, we’ll discuss a few of your best options when it comes to quickly going from the airport to the apartment so you have a great start to your holiday.

Via Taxi

Choosing a taxi as your method of transportation to the apartment may be for you fastest and easiest option. Taxi’s queue on the arrival level of terminal 2. You should have no problem finding or getting a taxi in a hurry.

There is a designated taxi company for the airport. Look for taxis with Főtaxi booths as you exit the airport. You’ll have the option to pay via cash or credit card (most major cards are accepted).

A taxi to the apartment will take about 20 minutes with average traffic. However, for higher traffic hours of the day, this time can increase significantly.

As of the writing of this article, taxi rates were calculated at 6500 HUF (22 EUR). For an exact rate for your taxi, check out the tariff rate calculator here

Payment method: Hungarian forint or credit card

Getting to the Apartment Via Bus and Metro

If you’re not in a huge hurry and would like a chance to save a bit of cash while getting a feel for the public transit system in Budapest, this might be your best option.

You’ll experience both the bus system and the metro line, all while making note of a few places you’d like to stop during your holiday.

Choosing to use the public transit system will cost you a fraction of the price a taxi would. For exact rates check out the BKK website here. You can buy the public transport tickets 24-hours, 72-hours and 7-day tickets at the desk of BKK in the arrival hall of Budapest Airport.

Take a look at the map below to get a better idea of how you can cheaply get to Anna’s apartment via the 200E bus and connecting to the M3.

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To learn more about costs of travel cards and public transportation around the city, check out our complete section on public transportation.

For a quick glance at costs associated with travel cards and how to get them, take a look at the infograph below.

Payment method: maestro/cash in Hungarian forint/ creditcard


A Note about Airport Shuttles and Minibuses

While airport shuttles and minibuses may seem like a great option due to being able to easily schedule them online, you might want to think otherwise unless you’re going to a common destination such as city center.

Shuttles and minibuses are neither your fastest or cheapest option. Because they pick large groups of people up at one time, you may find yourself waiting quite a while before getting going.

These modes of transport also drop off at individual locations so if you’re headed further than most, you’re going to be traveling all over the city before being dropped at your location.


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