Why Choose Anna’s Apartment?

When you choose Anna’s apartment, you’re getting more than just a place to stay. Instead, you’re getting something that no hotel could offer you. There are 4 main reasons why you should choose to stay at Anna’s apartment.

Anna herself

Anna is the type of person that truly cares about each and every one of her guests. She’ll do everything in her power to ensure you have the best, most fulfilling holiday possible. Whether you’d like her to be hands-on and help create a personalized experience or give you your privacy and answer questions as needed, she’s ready and willing.

A home-like environment

The apartment comfortably fits 2-4 people (call ahead to arrange for more people). You’ll have access to secure parking, free WiFi, AC, washer and dryer facilities, and much more. While you’re at Anna’s apartment, you’re guaranteed to feel instantly right at home.

More information about the apartment

Vibrant neighborhood

Anna’s apartment is located in a lovely neighborhood filled with coffee shops, bakeries, local stores and plenty of restaurants to keep you entertained. If you’re looking for a home with a local vibe, this is the spot for you. Check out our guide to the surrounding neighborhood to see all of your nearby options.

Location. Location. Location.

You’ll be close enough to the heart of the city without being directly affected by traffic and noise. You can get just about anywhere within minutes and escape home at a moment’s notice.

About the Neighborhood: Area Surrounding the Apartment


Still have questions? Feel free to explore the site or message Anna directly with anything on your mind regarding your upcoming visit to Budapest.