8 Hungarian Dishes and Desserts You Will Love

Hungarian food has found its stride and taken off, making it a destination for foodies and culinary enthusiasts, as well as your average traveler. With incredible quality and value, it’s tough to find things to complain about when wining and dining in Budapest. From world-famous strudels to cheesy deep-fried flatbreads, your taste buds will thank you when you’ve sampled some of our top 8 recommendations.


1) Goulash Soup at For Sale Pub


Goulash, with the warm comforts of a soup combined with the heartiness of stew, this hybrid soup/stew trademark dish in Hungarian cuisine. Although it won’t be tough to find a place that serves it, we strongly recommend you give it a try at For Sale Pub, where you can slurp your delicious goulash while leaving your mark on the wall with a note, picture or painting.

  • WHAT: Goulash Soup
  • WHERE: For Sale Pub, 2 Vámház körút, Budapest, 1093, Hungary (map here)
  • COST: Approximately 6-7 euro per person
  • Payment method: Cash. Local currency
  • MORE INFO: Check out their Facebook page


2) Rose-shaped Ice Cream at Gelarto Rosa


Not only is this an Instagram-worthy moment, it is a moment for your taste buds too. While in Budapest you must taste the rose-shaped ice cream. Not only is it beautifully presented, it is made with fresh, local, organic ingredients. Our favorite is the to-die-for lavender white chocolate. You will not be disappointed in this cone.

  • WHAT: Rose-shaped Ice Cream
  • WHERE: Gelarto Rosa, 1051 Budapest, Szent István tér 3, Hungary (map here)
  • COST: Approximately 2 euro
  • Payment method: Cash. Local currency
  • MORE INFO: http://gelartorosa.com


3) Strudel at Central Market Hall


Tick off one more thing on your bucket list and taste the world’s best strudel at Central Market Hall. Here you will find the freshest, most delicious strudel with at least a dozen different flavor options from sweet to savory. Our top recommendation is the Central Market Hall, but you can do a whole tour of the best strudel in the city. Honorable mentions include the First Strudel House of Pest Cafe & Restaurant and Szalai Cukrászda.

  • WHAT: World famous strudel
  • WHERE: Central Market Hall, Vamhaz korut 1-3., Budapest 1093, Hungary (map here)


4) A Ruszwurm Kremes at Ruszwurm Cafe & Confectionary


Regarded as one of the most important confectionary complexes in the country, Ruszwurm is not just dessert but a whole experience of history. The Ruszwurm cream pastry is a classic Hungarian pastry that is made with a special twist (hint, it has to do with the eggs). Thick, creamy and made by hand every step of the way, this pastry will satisfy your sweet tooth in every way.

  • WHAT: The Ruszwurm Cream Pastry
  • WHERE: Ruszwurm Cafe & Confectionary, 1014 Budapest, Hungary, Szentháromság u. 7 (map here)
  • COST: Approximately 2.00 euro each
  • Payment method: Cash. Local currency / Card
  • MORE INFO: http://www.ruszwurm.hu


5) Langos in Szentendre


No list would be complete without a recommendation of Langos, Hungarians’ favorite street food. This is a deep-fried flatbread with sour cream and grated cheese (optional garlic). Our local tip is that some of the best Langos are found in Szentendre near the Danube. Find the small alleyway that leads to St. Janos church in the main square and you will find a “Langos” sign,that will direct you to a stall. With a little publicity help from CNN travel, this stall might just need a bigger and better location and fast.

  • WHAT: Langos in Szentendre
  • WHERE: Alleyway leading to St. Janos Church (stall), 2000 Szentendre, Bajcsy-Zsilinszky u. 2 (map here)
  • COST: One to two euro each
  • Payment method: Cash. Local currency
  • MORE INFO: If you happen to be downtown, our runner up is Retró Büfé, popular among locals. In the citypark next to Szechenyi bath you can find also a tasty Langos.

6) Chicken Paprikash and Dumplings at Paprika Vendéglő


A staple in Hungarian cuisine, chicken paprikash is also the Hungarian national dish. Of course. it uses ample amounts of paprika spice in its sauce and is traditionally served with nokedli or dumplings (made from boiled egg noodles).

For a genuine Hungarian experience, we recommend Paprika Vendéglő. For atmosphere, the interior has traditional Hungarian decor that makes you feel like you are sitting in a cozy log cabin. Their prices are reasonable for dinner, they generally provide great service and be prepared that they have generous portion sizes.

  • WHAT: Chicken paprikash and dumplings
  • WHERE: Paprika Vendéglő, Dozsa Gyorgy ut 72, Budapest 1071 (map here)
  • COST: Generally expect to pay approximately 13 euro for a dish
  • Payment method: Cash. Local currency
  • MORE INFO: Their official website: http://www.paprikavendeglo.hu/


7) Gundel Pancakes at Gundel Restaurant

Perhaps one of the better known Hungarian desserts is this crepe-like pancake. It is named after its inventor Karoly Gundel, a Hungarian restaurateur and his original recipe has been kept a secret.

It is made with ground walnuts, raisins and rum filling, served flambeed in a dark chocolate sauce. The most well-known place to taste the Gundel Pancake is, of course, at the Gundel restaurant. This is a gourmet restaurant, so you will pay a little more for the dish as compared to street food, but we’re certain you won’t be disappointed.

  • WHAT: Gundel Pancakes
  • WHERE: Gundel Restaurant (map here)
  • COST: Approximately 11-12 euro for dessert
  • Payment method: Maestro / creditcard / Hungarian forint
  • MORE INFO: Their official website: https://gundel.hu/en

Tip of Anna: Try the Sunday brunch all you can eat Hungarian dishes and live music


8) Hungarian Fisherman’s Soup at Bajai Halaszcsarda

This soup, known as Hungarian Fisherman’s soup is a local favorite. It has been prepared for centuries by fisherman and their families along the banks of the Danube. The traditional way to prepare it is in a cauldron over an open fire.

There are several versions of this soup, some have cream, others served with pasta, but the most important part is the freshly caught fish such as carp, pike, perch, catfish, or sterlet. With such a large variety of fish, this soup has great depth in taste and also uses traditional seasoning including paprika, peppers and onions.

Our recommendation for incredible tasting Halaszle is Bajai Halaszlcsarda. They specialize in fresh fish dishes and are consistently high quality.

  • WHAT: Bajai Halaszle (Hungarian Fisherman’s Soup)
  • WHERE: Bajai Halaszcsarda, Hollos ut 2, 121 Budapest
  • COST: Approximately 7-10 euro
  • Payment method: cash Hungarian forint
  • MORE INFO: Their official website: www.bajaihalaszcsarda.hu


Final Thoughts

Whether you have a sweet tooth, a love for spices, or you enjoy seafood fresh-off-the-boat, Budapest has something to offer everyone in the food department. From funky out-of-the way, traditional restaurants to street food and stalls to high-end Michelin rated restaurants, you can be sure to have some wonderful adventures tasting traditional Hungarian food and drinks.