To Budapest from the Netherlands by Car

Take a look at this infographic to learn a bit more about what driving to Budapest from the Netherlands entails. This graph will tell you everything from average road speeds to amount of fuel you’ll be using on each route.

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Remember, you’ll likely be driving through Netherlands, Germany, Austria, and Hungary. Each of which has their own rules on driving. Make sure you follow the strange rules in each country to avoid incurring extra fees due to ticket violations. 

Germany: Don’t worry about indicating when you’re getting on to a roundabout in Germany… but make sure you do when you’re ready to get off!

Austria: Use of mobile phones is prohibited when driving in Austria.

Hungary: Headlights must be left on at all times of the day; rain, sleet, snow, or sunshine. You need a highway ticket You are not allowed to drink any alcohol during driving.


Once you get to Budapest, Anna’s apartment has secure parking so you can leave your car safe and without worry for the duration of your stay.